FallenSouls 2:The Burning World

FallenSouls 2:The Burning World for Windows

A free app for Windows, by ColdGame Studios.

FallenSouls 2:The Burning World is a free program for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Role Playing'. View full description

FallenSouls 2:The Burning World is a free program for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Role Playing'.

About FallenSouls 2:The Burning World for Windows

This program has been published on Softonic on August 2th, 2018 and we have not had the possibility to check it yet.

We encourage you to try it and leave us a comment or value it on our website. Our user community will really appreciate it!

FallenSouls 2:The Burning World is available for Windows 10 or above. The current version of the app varies with device, and you can get it only in English.

Get your armor on, the hottest MMORPG of 2017 developed by Miracle Games is here! Through the exploration, you will reveal the conspiracy of evil force step by step and taste the power of taking control of this world.you will be able to raise an army,unify the allies to purify this world full of evil.
Global real-time war, no borders, global players at the same time, global synchronization, you will compete with players from all countries and regions!

【Contact Us】
Skype:MG20151203@outlook.com(Gift Code)

Miracle Games is an important partner of Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor(ISV).
《Fallensouls2》is supported by Microsoft Azure,Maintain a seamless experience for gamers without having to worry about downtime or interruptions

Multiplayer Feature
Waged war! Fight with all players against the demon lord of this devastated world.
My Honor is my life! Party with global players to conquer and defeat powerful monsters.
My Power is my Truth! Escort the goods to the true owner and prevent them from the raiders.
Alliances! Raise your comrade and compete against other teams.
My companions are your friends! Enjoy with your guild mates ton of new feature.

Single Player Feature
Epic storyline! Experience the mysterious dreamland and collect our generous rewards
Challenge the strongest! Ascend the tower of the devil and collect the hidden treasure
Opponents & Foes! Fight against a wave of infinite monsters without rest and obtain gift based on your performance
Strategy! Join the league and become the king of the arena
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Strategic Game Play
Do some research! Pick 4 skills for your main heroes and destroy your enemies in the battlefield.
Build the foundation of your team! Select 8 heroes to join your formation and obtain powerful combo bonuses.
Legendary gears! Forge an unique equipment to become stronger, or sell it to the highest bidder.

★ Dear Microsoft fans, Miracle Games is a group with happiness, has been focused on publishing Windows platform games for five years.Do remember there are many people with your peers.Innovation always faces challenges.The relentless pursuit of perfection,let's make things better!

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FallenSouls 2:The Burning World


FallenSouls 2:The Burning World varies-with-device

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